Carlos Navarro Astiasarán

Welcome to my portfolio!


ASK Transceiver

This was my first PCB. Even though the functionality was pretty easy (ASK is possibly the simplest modulation) I had never designed a real telecommunication system from scratch before this.


DSS - Smart City

As a part of a university course I developed a monitoring system for a Smart City, including the network architecture, a secure protocol for sensor's data transmission, a secure camera real-time streaming system and a responsive admin panel.



In mid-2013 there were little or none multiplayer games for tablets and smartphones, so I decided to do my Final Degree Project on what I called LCMEs: Low Complexity Multiuser Environments. The output of the project was a paper on LCMEs and a multiplayer engine for iPad.

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In 2012, a friend and I had an idea: a web service that let you give pictures as presents. You just had to enter the website, upload your photo, write a personal note & pay, and a classy wax-sealed envelope would arrive to the chosen address with the picture in it.



As a part of a university course, I decided to recreate the well-known Pacman. The deal here was that, for the first time, hardware was a problem: processor velocity, memory and even the display ran against me. I had a lot of fun making it work, though.


HTML Blackjack

In 2011, the future of Flash was dark. Knowing this, I decided to program a little multiplatform game using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Blackjack was my choice. The result can be found here (user & pass: guest).



This webpage, for professional photographer Francisco J. Berguizas, was the first web in which I took seriously JavaScript. It also took me into the world of fonts, discovering Gill Sans or Helvetica Neue.



Winguts was a Harry Potter community that reached 1,800+ registered users. I tried to take advantage of the great active community by developing an online flash game with PixelArt graphics, but the project stayed in a prototype. Winguts was my first big project, I developed it when I was just 15 years old, and thanks to it I learned tons of new things.



During 2007 there was a kind of 'Technology Fever' in my school, and this project was a result of it. The idea was to let students solve maths problems online and correct them step by step. Though a Beta version was released, no one actually used it because of its complexity.


Online Reading Sheets

Web-app made for my school's intranet. Students could login and fill their reading sheets, while teachers could manage and rate them. It even included a mini-mail system, so teachers could send notes to their students.